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Saving the Turtles in the Events World

Was anyone else slightly affected by 2017's series of Blue Planet?! We’re still not over the blue whale and it’s nearly two years on now. So, we thought we would talk about some different ways that you could make your event or wedding more eco friendly!


Let's Get Digital in the Corporate World

Let's face it, our generation has an addiction to technology - provided that a product has a screen and can access the internet. Laptops, phones and tablets have become super sophisticated over the last decade and tasks that can be achieved from a handset are pretty much limitless. With that in mind, we can use phones and tablets to our advantage when running events. Invitations, marketing material and the overall organisation can now be done without having to print a single sheet of paper. Fast forward through the organisation and planning stages of the event and think about how technology can be used on the day to eliminate waste. There is no need for flyers or information packs to be lying around when something as simple as scanning a QR code can bring all the information to an individual’s phone. It's unlikely that anyone would turn up to an event without their mobile so why not make use of that and help the environment at the same time?

Livin La Vida Local - Private Parties

We always try, as far as we can, to involve local suppliers rather than looking for those who cover whole countries. Not only is this a great way to reduce your business's carbon footprint, it allows you to network with other suppliers within the same city or region and build relationships with reliable businesses that you may be able to use on more than one occasion.

Another benefit of using local suppliers is that it becomes easier to showcase the best of the area that you're in. If you have any guests at your event who are coming from a different part of the country or a different part of the world completely, they'll be met with high quality goods that represent what the locals do best. Everyone wins!

For our brides and grooms


We’re all about trying to make our events more eco friendly and this doesn’t stop at corporate and private events! It’s easy to go plastic mad at weddings with favours, drinks and table decorations so we’ve tried to think of some ways to reduce this! You could give your guests mini bottles of gin or whisky for their favour so that the bottle can be reused. Or for your confetti, you could make your own out of dried petals and leaves. Pinterest has loads of ideas so maybe the Pinterest wormhole is okay on this occasion!

Drink to that!

Refreshments are possibly the biggest contributor to to plastic waste throughout the whole planning and running of an event whether its a wedding, private party or corporate function. Whilst it is obviously important to keep guests hydrated and refreshed, there are better ways to do it than handing out plastic bottles of water or using plastic cups and water dispensers. Even at events with bars, being able to avoid serving drinks in single use plastic will go a long way!


For an event of any size or type, consider investing in some glass drinks dispensers or even carafes to fill with iced water and some fruit. Not only will it look aesthetically pleasing, guests will be able to have chilled water at any point during the event. It can easily be set up on a table or at the side of a bar with some glasses next to it for people to help themselves to.

If you're planning an event where tea and coffee might be served, think about giving guests a reusable travel cup that they can take away with them and use. This promotes an eco-friendly message after the event has finished and gives guests a souvenir as well. You could even link up with a local supplier of travel mugs in order to advertise their product and help the environment at the same time!

Hopefully we've given you some ideas about designing your event to be more eco-friendly. It's something that can be easily achieved without costing a fortune and will benefit everyone in the long term. Now, let's get going with it!

Team Pantry Events x

Charlotte Thompson