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Supplier Spotlight: The Barn at Harburn

Our grazing station set up at the Harburn wedding fair last weekend

Our grazing station set up at the Harburn wedding fair last weekend

One venue that we just can’t seem to get enough of during wedding season is the Barn at Harburn in West Lothian. The venue is easily accessible from both Edinburgh and Glasgow making it the perfect venue if you have guests coming from all over the place - which, lets face it, everyone does! The venue is ideal for couples looking to have a completely blank venue to decorate whilst incorporating the rustic feel of a barn wedding.

Over the course of last year, we were at Harburn 10 times between May and September and there were never two weddings that were even close to being similar! With the option to have your ceremony outside or in the long room or the round room, Harburn offers couples the opportunity to have a ceremony that suits their day. With the added bonus of there being accommodation next door to the barn, you won’t have to go too far after getting ready or figure out a way home!

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After the ceremony and the formal part of the day, it’s time to mingle and enjoy spending time with your family and friends! Again, this can be held in multiple locations but we find that most couple opt for a mix of guests being outdoors and in the round room. This means we can get going behind the scenes and get the long room set for speeches and dinner! Harburn provides round tables for dinner but we’ve seen trestles work too if you’re looking for a rustic barn feel! One thing that our chefs LOVE about Harburn is the fully fitted kitchen at the back of the barn - we can just come in and cook without having to order any additional kit. When you’re used to setting up kitchens in the middle of fields, even something as simple as a sink can bring you joy!

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The long room is usually transformed after dinner to become the dance floor. Why not set up your bar or tea and coffee station in the round room to move your guests through whilst we clear up dinner? Once we’re all cleared away, it’s time to party! A ceilidh or a disco in the long room works really well with a platformed area for your band. Harburn is also a great venue for the Tuck Truck. We can park up outside the long room with some solid drunk food to see you through till midnight!

If you’re booked to get married at Harburn, we would LOVE to hear from you and listen to all of your food thoughts! If you haven’t booked a venue yet but think Harburn could be the one for you, get in touch with them!


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Charlotte Thompson