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Catering for dietary requirements.

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At the Pantry we strive to ensure that we can cater for all dietary requirements. There doesn’t seem to be a wedding that goes by that doesn’t have some sort of dietary. Whether it be preference or medical, they all need to be considered. Gone are the days of giving vegetarians some mixed veg on a plate! We want all our food to be delish and as Mrs Pantry herself is veggie, we like to think we do a pretty good job!

We recently did a wedding where the bride was dairy free. She didn’t want to miss out on all of the tasty food so asked if we could whip up all her favourites using dairy free alternatives. It then transpired that there were also gluten free and non alcohol guests. These proved tricky as one of the dishes was Beer Can Chicken with a beer gravy! However, we did our research and voila we found gluten free non alcoholic beer along with gluten free thickener for the gravy. We also made all the lasagnes gluten free as well as dairy free and the nose to tail Ox stew gluten free . The bride and groom were delighted with what we had said we could do and that was one of the reasons that they picked us to be their caterer. It’s so important for everyone to feel like they can be included.

If the couple are happy to provide an alternative option for the individual guests then we still put as much effort into suggesting what can be done………we refuse to serve up bland!!

We have also noticed a rise in more people choosing to go Vegan so we are currently working on some delicious alternatives that would suit both vegan and vegetarian.

Our sharing style of food also works well as the couple can choose a variety of dishes that would be able to work around potential dietaries. As these are all served up in individual dishes on the table, guests can pick and choose!

Top tip from us would be to ask the guests for dietaries quite early on as to establish what impact that may have on the food choice.

If you'd like more information about what we can provide for your catering then just drop us an email!