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2018, WHAT A YEAR!


Last Saturday we catered for our final wedding of 2018 and what a crazy year it’s been! Between February 3rd and November 10th, we looked after 50 amazing couples on their big day as well as some corporate and private events. The best thing about it? Team Pantry Events loved every minute of it. There’s definitely an element of ‘what next?’ when one wedding season finishes but then you remember next years wedding season is booked up and Christmas is on it’s way so the whole cycle starts again!

It’s been another year of building kitchens in fields, towing the Tuck Truck to every corner of the country and countless hours on google maps wondering if this really is the right way to the venue (and yes it is ten times harder when it’s dark on the drive back!) And whilst we do still have the sleepless nights about packing lists, kit orders and staff meeting times, it’s so so worth it when it all comes together on the day!


Whilst we’re always on the hunt for new trends and new food ideas that we can share with our couples, it was great to see some themes and decor reappearing from last year. We’ve spent a lot of time down the Pinterest wormhole this year and can confirm that foliage, copper and rustic exposed furniture are definitely all still in and we are definitely still obsessed! One thing that we loved this year was self serve drinks stations set up by couples. This can be something as simple as a wheelbarrow filled with ice and beer or you can go crazy with options and have Kilner jars filled with G+Ts! A lot of our couples continued on the prosecco stations too with fresh fruit, liqueurs and even edible glitter being available to guests!

Our couples love being creative with their food and we had some amazing menus this year! We went fully vegan for Ashley and Marco’s big day in Peebles, South American for Robyn and Rory at Cow Shed and Korean for Laura and Nick at Guardswell. Over summer, we also launched our BRAND NEW SHINY MENUS. We’re already super excited to roll these our at our weddings next year - how good does a taco tray sound for stater? Or a salted caramel chocolate brownie ice cream sandwich for dessert?!  

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re seeing more and more couples opt for a dessert table rather than a served pud. Think brownies, blondies, cakes and cookies - the possibilities are endless and it could even double up as a grazing station to see your guests through until evening food.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Team Pantry Events x

Charlotte Thompson