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What a first year it's been!


What a first year we have had in the world of weddings! We thought Stockbridge on a Sunday for brekkie was the craziest thing but how wrong we were.

We started out small, dipping our toe in with the trusty Tuck Truck. Offering all sorts of tasty delights whilst staying true to our pantry roots. We can turn our hand to pretty much anything but it will always have that pantry feel to it. After our first few bookings people started to ask if we could cater for their whole wedding, then could we manage the day and before we knew it we were also designing the whole shebang (to my absolute delight… me some candles, foliage, generally making things beautiful!!)

We have taken on many challenges over the year, weddings in fields, building kitchens in sheds and travelling far and wide but each of them were worth it and we have learnt so much on our journey. I feel so honoured to be part of people's weddings….from the first time chatting with the couple to designing menus and then finally to making all their visions a reality on the big day. Don’t get me wrong there has been many a sleepless night over the packing list being right, whether or not I did indeed give all the staff the correct meeting point and my favourite is waking up from a dream I have had about a bride’s colour scheme and desperately trying to jot down all the ideas before they disappear forever (I am hoping this happens to everyone and its not just me!!)

Now that 2017 has been and gone we have been looking back on the trends for the year and what new ideas 2018 is going to bring. We have LOVED all the foliage, so simple yet romantic all at the same time and let’s not forget its far friendlier to the budget. I think I am safe, in the warmth of my foliage cape, that the trend is carrying on. We have also loved the feel of the rustic trestle table layout mixed in with a tonne of awesome candles and a hint of copper for good measure! It’s like the wedding trend gods were looking down on the Pantry in our first year as all these things fit right in with us. In amongst trends there has also been a big shift towards couples finally taking the reigns and doing THEIR wedding THEIR way. Gone are the all formalities and in steps the more relaxed and personal vibes. No more of Stuffy Susan telling you that you must get married at 12.37pm on the dot in function room 4 or that you have to eat specific food in said function room 4 with all the chip shop lights on and that you can only light one small candle per table for health and safety reasons………….what a kill joy Susan is 😉

In the year of 2018 we are seeing a rising interest in our grazing tables. Who doesn’t love the sound of grazing ha. Instead of canapes during the drinks reception our couples are going all out and having a big spread on offer instead. Think meats, cheese boards, halloumi fries and bread baskets galore! It’s a great way of keeping a hungry crowd satisfied (and is less likely to cause elbowing injuries to our staff he he) along with being really cost effective but most of all it looks great! Our Table Picnic style is still a firm favourite too. It allows you to offer more choice, looks fantastic on the table and gets the guests chatting!

We cannot wait for the year ahead and we are only a couple of months away from our first wedding of 2018. For now I am already thinking about what my new notebook will be for all the scribbling I will be doing with all new couples booked in and oh yeah how much is too much time on Pinterest?!

Team Pantry Events

If you did....then you know who to call! Team Pantry Events x

If you did....then you know who to call! Team Pantry Events x